What is Training?

By William Graham Training employees often takes place when; the cost of doing the work appears to high, profits are falling material is being damaged callbacks are too common customer complaints are on the rise employees seem disgruntled new equipment is being installed Several years ago I participated in a study with training managers of […]

Working Safely with Fiber-Optics

By William Graham Without a doubt, the most important part of any training program is the safety component. All tasks can, and must, be done safely. Instructors doing training in fiber-optic installation have a responsibility to include the safety requirements. We have to know the rules, realize that they are for our protection, and the […]

Splicing & Cleaving Optical Fibers

By William Graham We can splice fibers with fusion or mechanical methods. Fusion is the accepted way since it is reliable, fast and cheap. Once you own the Fusion splicer the only cost is for a protective sleeve for the fiber. The Fusion splicers I spliced with many years ago ( and don’t ask how […]

Testing Fiber Optic Systems

By William Graham Preamble: For those technicians that think you can grab a pair of meters and patch cords and plug things in and get a valid reading just like that, I humbly suggest their days will be a days of confusion, frustration, bad judgments and poor, invalid readings. Maybe some upset supervisors and unhappy […]

Plastic Fiber Optics (POF)

By William Graham Modern day machines have been known to contain many surprises for the electrician and datacom person. One surprise can be to find that instead of a piece of copper wire carrying the data a piece of plastic optical fiber is used instead. History of Plastic fiber Many of us remember plastic optical […]

The Fiber Contractor

Entering the Fiber Optic Market By William Graham (from: Structured Cabling & Connecting Systems) Installing fiber optics is just part of the continuous evolution of work in the electrical trade and as well as quoting on jobs using traditional technologies, the contractor is now being asked to do jobs that have some fiber optics as […]