The CFOS/Testing is a specialist certification covering fiber optic testing intended for technicians involved in the design, installation, testing, troubleshooting or maintenance of fiber networks.
A comprehensive course covering testing and measurement of fiber optic networks. Each student will gain the required knowledge to test and troubleshoot a fiber optic network. Using different test procedures and equipment, the student will gain valuable knowledge in the art of testing, troubleshooting and maintaining a fiber optic system.

Prerequisites: CFOT

What To Expect In Training Programs For Testing Specialist Certification FOA-Approved training for Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Testing certification meets the following requirements:
• Classroom sessions covering all test equipment, methods and standards
• Inspecting and cleaning connectors correctly
• Training in both insertion loss testing and optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR testing)
• Include testing of both singlemode and multimode fibers
• Understanding of measurement errors in tests
• Instructor verification of achievement of advanced skills in testing
• Course includes ~50% lab time

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