F15 Core Splicer Kit

//F15 Core Splicer Kit

F15 Core Splicer Kit

Fusion Splicer TCW-605 series (Equal to Fujikura FSM-60S, Sumitomo Type-39 etc)

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Product Description

Core Alignment Designed for both FTTH and Outside Plant

The Fl 5 is the newest rugged 6 motor core alignment  splicer on  the  market.  Designed  with  the  user  in  mind  and  is  perfect for any FTTH and  Outside phmt application.  Features  include  a color 5-inch  LCD  touch  screen,  Friendly  GUI  (Graphic  User Interface), 3 bright LEDs for dark environments and dual batteries come standard on  the kit.

Cutting Edge Technology and Advanced CPU power allow fast 6 second splice time and 9 second heat time. Splice on capability.

Technical Specifications

Model                               FIS

Dimension                       130 x 158 x 138

Weight                             2.25 kg

Fiber Count                     Single

Applicable Fibers           SM. MM, DS, NZD S

Cleaved Length              250um 5- 150mm I 900um 8- I6mm

Cladding Diameter         80mm – 150mm

Splice Programs             300

Splicing Method             Core Alignment

Motor Operation            6 Motors

Heating Mode                 100

Typical Splice Loss        SM(0.02dB)MM(O.O ldB)DS(0.04dB)NZD(0.04dB)G.657(0.02dB)

Return Loss                     >>60dB

Lighting                           3 LED!>

Splicing Time                                         6 Seconds Estimated Splice Loss Available Heating Sleeve Length 20mm – 60mm

Heating Time                                Typical 15 Second!> Storage for Results                                  Up to 10.000 Records Tension Test                                  1.96 – 2.25N

Operating Condition      Elevation 0-5000 M: -20 ~ 60* C: 0 ~ 95%, Humidity; Max Wind ISm/s Storage Condition                                    Temperature – IO~ 50* C; O~ 95% Humidity: Battery -20 ~ 30* C Display 2 Camera with -U Inch High Definition color LCD

Magnification View        400 Time!> Magnification

Power Supply                 AC I00-240V Input or DC 9-14V

No.  of Splice / Heat       Typical Full Cycle 33 I Splice and Heat/ 6000m Ah

Kit Contents

Fusion Splicer                    Fl5  High Precision Cleaver             CS-0 !BT Fiber Holder                             Clamps

AC Adapter                         F 1-1

Electrodes                           El-23

Instruction Manual CD      CD

Battery Pack (2)                 K3347

Power Cord                        DC

Carrying Case                    Hard Case

Manual Stripper               CF-02

Alcohol Dispenser              CG-22

Cooling Rack                         CT-03

Sleeve Loader                    S312



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