TR1000D Mini OTDR (7 in 1 Solution)

//TR1000D Mini OTDR (7 in 1 Solution)

TR1000D Mini OTDR (7 in 1 Solution)

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Product Description

The  TR1000D Mini OTDR is 7 in 1 Solution for OTDR, VFL, OLS, OPM, Report generation and RJ45 Cable sequence checking.  TR1000D is Dual wavelength OTDR. It has advanced software and one click automatic check and report generation. It features 3.5″ LCD, 24 dB Dynamic range, 60KM range for optical fiber testing.


  • Fiber & RJ45
    3.5 Inch Color LCD
    8 Functional Modules 24dB Dynamic Range iOLM-Event Map
    3m Event Dead Zone
    60km Precision Testing

Forc Mini2 OTDR Kit Contents

  • OTDR
  • Power cable/AC Adapter
  • Carry Case
  • Shoulder Strap/ Touch Pen
  • Calibration Certificate
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